Essay about Dr. Rd : Her Unique And Spoiled Personality

1590 Words Dec 1st, 2014 7 Pages
I chose to observe RD due to her unique and spoiled personality. She is a very sociable child and very friendly. Although she is a very friendly child, she tends to get very frustrated and sometimes angry when something is not going her way or something is taken away from her or if she doesn 't get what she wants. At this very young age, she is strong-willed and very independent. Given certain situations, RD seems to be quite aggressive and rather demanding. As I observed this child, I 've seen many things that she has done that were very advanced for her age. She has a gift of drawing people 's attention solely to her. She especially drew my full attention to her while playing. RD is a very interesting child to watch. She is really advanced in her language, cognitive, social-emotional, physical-motor, and in her creative development. For example, I noted in my notes that she used correct words while talking to her teachers or elders whenever she wanted or needed something. She knew how to differentiate her tone and knew how to be respectful towards the elders from her playmates. She could carefully create and build things by putting blocks together and then take her hands and feet and knock it back down. During story time, I noted that RD enjoys to tell stories to the other children. On another note, while saying her stories, she would get very frustrated if she doesn 't have the entire room 's attention. As she would play alone, I noticed that she would clap and sing to…

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