Don 't Touch A Thing Essay

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People have known that people who are rich can do whatever they want. All that money they have, they can spend as much as they want with no complaint. Especially that power they have which makes it easier for them to enjoy life. While the poor have no power so they can’t do whatever they mostly want. They also can’t spend a lot since they don’t earn as much as a rich person. We don’t have much of a choice to obey so we can earn money. But the rich abuse their power and use the poor people like tools. the police use their power not only to protect but to harm also. Which is why the rich have power and the poor don’t have power.
Being poor and working hard to earn money is their all day struggle. they put up with their strict bosses and rude customers every day without complains because we got no choice, but to do it. In The Madonnas of Echo Park, Skyhorse writes ““Don’t touch a thing, Felicia. He,” she said, pointing at either Rick or the delivery boy, who were standing side by side, “is to finish what he started””(45). Mrs. Calhoun doesn’t want Felicia to set up the table for the pool party, which the kids are having. She wants the delivery boy to finish setting up the table, even though he doesn’t have the time to do it. Mrs. Calhoun is Showing power over the delivery boy, that he can’t leave until he is finish. The delivery boy can’t do anything about it because he needs this job in order to earn money, so he ends up finishing setting up the table. Skyhorse wants us to…

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