Does Nutrition Affect Exercise Performance? Essay

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Does Nutrition Affect Exercise Performance?
The growth and development of the human body is incredible considering it comes from the microscopic nutrients that are eaten. The nutritional composition of food is what makes a person’s body healthy or unhealthy coinciding with activity levels. People who compete in sports or exercise regularly understand nutrition is important to being active. Throughout history people have been perplexed by the optimal function of the human body or performance. It is human nature to want to rise above the competition and compete at a higher level. This review will claim that the timing of nutrition affects the speed, power, and agility of any athlete who looks to participate at top-level.
Performance can simply be defined as an execution of an action. This can range from performance at work to performance on a stage; however, in the case of this review, many of the references cited are geared specifically toward sports and gym performance. For example, one set of researchers had their participants cycle for a twenty minute interval and 120 minute interval, and saw great improvement after consecutive days of cycling when aided with the proper nutrition (Goforth et al. 2003).
Nutrition can be defined as the process of supplying nourishment to the body. Every nutrient that enters the body is divided into two categories—micronutrients and macronutrients. Micronutrients are nutrients that are necessary in tiny amounts, (in comparison to…

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