Does Media Distort News? Essay

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When thinking about this question, we have to ask ourselves firstly what is the role of the media in our world? Media is defined as the means of mass communication (esp. Television, radio, newspapers, books, magazines, internet) regarded collectively. Its role in society is to inform the public, and keep us informed, about what is happening throughout the world as well as entertain us. It uses many platforms including internet, books, magazines, newspapers, television, when you walk down the street. It is all around us. It is there to make people think and encourages us to challenge and have an opinion about events and decisions that are happening and being made. But is it also used to keep the public naive, only informing the public about …show more content…
Protestors are going head to head with steel giant Arcelor Mittal. The global company wants to displace the villagers from their ancestral land, and build facilities for coke smelting, and steel production. It will destroy 15 villages and displace many villagers.
As for-profit organisations are allowed to buy up media networks, they do so in order to make more profit and can use the media to distort our understanding of what their company is actually doing. For example, in 1995, when Disney was on the brink of collapse and their viewings were decreasing, they purchased the ABC network in the attempt of reviving Disney. This enabled them to broadcast their shows at peak times, as many times as they liked. They were able to report good press about themselves and able to advertise their products.
Majority of advertisements are not good either. It has made societies, more developed countries than developing, materialistic and wanting more and more. Products used to be marketed for their utility and they were expected to last. But due to the companies thinking that after they sold one to someone, they wouldn’t need another. So they changed their advertising campaign to needing it. It changed the ‘want’ in the 1950s to the ‘modern need’. People are trained to desire things, which takes their attention off more important things in life. Pestering power is another ploy they use in order to sell their products. Food, drink, and other

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