Essay on Do Behavioral Issues Caused By Violence

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Intro: Do behavioral issues caused by violence in the media manifest __________. Mass media researcher, Cecilia von Feilitzen (Stockholm University, Sweden), cautions against distorting a complex problem. Feilitzen believes, “there has been too much focus on the causal relations between media exposure and violence in society, with a failure to differentiate among different kinds of influences” (McLellan). People are quick to blame television violence for behavioral activities that children demonstrate, without realizing that there are other important factors that also play a role in such behavior, for example, violence in the real world. For the most part, while some people contemplate that the news for instance, is full of violence, Times Mirror, a nationwide survey found that (of 1,516 Americans conducted February 20-23) that comparing today’s generation with those of the 1980’s believe that the news amplifies the expanse of violence in America (Pew Research Center). Violence is seen throughout society, not just in the media. The problem with society is that they think that by impeding children from watching certain things, it will be less likely for them to follow in the same footsteps. Even so, if that was completely true, why is it that some of those exact children end up with a worst criminal background than those who actually grew up watching TV violence as a child? What children watch, may have some impact on their adulthood, but that is beside the point. It does not…

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