Dns in Small Networks Step-by-Step Guide Essay

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DNS in Small Networks Step-by-Step Guide
Microsoft Corporation
Published: January 2008
Author: Jim Groves
Editor: Jim Becker
This guide helps you implement Domain Name System (DNS) on the Windows Server® 2008 operating system in a small network. Windows Server 2008 uses DNS to translate computer names to network addresses. An Active Directory® domain controller can act as a DNS server that registers the names and addresses of computers in the domain and then provides the network address of a member computer when the domain controller receives a query with the name of the computer. This guide explains how to set up DNS on a simple network that consists of a single domain.

Step-by-Step Guide for DNS in Small
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For example, users enter www.microsoft.com instead of the numeric IP address of the server to identify a Microsoft Web server on the Internet. The name is resolved when the DNS client software on the user's computer sends a request to a DNS server that the user's computer is configured to use. If the DNS server has been configured to respond authoritatively with the address of the requested host, it replies to the request directly. Otherwise, the DNS server passes the request on to another server that can provide the address or a referral to another DNS server that can help provide the address. This is where the name hierarchy comes into play: If a DNS server does not know which server is configured with the address, it can request the server that is responsible for maintaining addresses of servers at each level in the hierarchy until it locates the authoritative server. For example, if the DNS server does not know which server is responsible for the server named www.microsoft.com, the DNS server can ask the server that is responsible for supplying the names of DNS servers in the .com domain to provide the address of the server that is responsible for providing the addresses of DNS servers in the microsoft.com domain. The original DNS server can then query that server for the address of the computer named www.microsoft.com.
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