Essay on Dissent From Capitalism By Karl Marx

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Dissent from Capitalism “What does this accusation amount to? The history of all past society is the history of class antagonisms, which took different forms in different epochs” (Blaisdell 140-141). Karl Marx made an accusation that capitalism will eventually come to an end. The Horizontalist Movement in Argentina, Sabotage in the American Workplace, and the Occupy Movement in the United States can all prove Marx’s predictions to be authentic.
Marx breaks society down into three important structures: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The thesis is the dominant class, antithesis the challenger, and the synthesis branches off to form a new stage of society. An example of this is back in the slavery era. The thesis was the masters, antithesis the slaves, and the synthesis contained the lords and serfs. Furthermore, this led into the bourgeoisie and proletariat era. The cycle then repeats itself, and so on down the line.
Then, Marx says capitalism will end when it is replaced by socialism, which will then be replaced by communism. The working class is essentially the grave digger for capitalism. The “workers” are not paid the full value of their worth, and the capitalists get a hefty surplus value, “profits.” This is what Marx calls “the unpaid labor of the working class.” The capitalists are then forced to attempt to drive down wages to compete with the competition. This creates the conflict between classes, or the conflict between the thesis and the antithesis.…

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