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7Th August, 2012

Mr. Muhammad Zia Kayani
Course Instructor for Company Law(MBA-R3Y)
Institute of Business Management

Dear Mr. Kayani:

We are pleased to submit our report on topic Directors of Company
While engaging ourselves in making this report, we gained useful information related to the procedures of election of directors and also find the eligibilty criteria for the election of directors other issue related to director of company.
We have worked hard in making this report. We hope that it will fully serve its purpose. We appreciate your support in making this report and we also look forward to your feedback which will be helpful for us. Please check the enclosed report.
Syed Abid
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It can do so only through some human agency. The persons, through whom a company acts and does its business are term as board of directors (BOD).
The institution of the company is composed of two organs - 1. General Body of Share holders 2. Board of directors.
The board is the management body which is constituted by the general body. Constituting the board means appointing directors.
The Directors are brain of a company. They occupy a pivotal position in the structure of the company. They are in fact the mainspring of the company .the board of directors are the brain and the only brain of the company which is the body, and the company does nt only through them.
The position of directors in a company is difficult to define precisely. The Companies ordinance is also silent on the issue.
Directors have been described by authorites as 1. Agent 2. Trustees 3. Governers 4. Managing partners
Such expression are not used as exhaustive of powers and responsibilities of such persons but only as indicating useful points of view from which they may for the moment and for the particular purpose be considered.
Directors are both trustees and agent of the company. Directors are agents in the transaction which they enter into on behave of the company and trustees for the company’s money and property.
Directors neither servant nor the employees of the company
Directors are, in

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