Different Types Of Mood Disorders Essay

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A mood disorder is characterized by a series of changes in a person’s mood. Many people with mood disorders usually do not know that they have them. It is not very hard to point out friends or loved ones who have developed a mood disorder. There are many symptoms you can look for to tell if a person has a mood disorder, these include low self-esteem, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, talking faster than normal, participating in risky behaviors, loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable to the person, anxious, etc. There are many different types of mood disorders. Three major types are Bipolar I, Bipolar II, and depression. According to bipolar I disorder is a severe brain illness. People who have developed Bipolar I disorder experience extreme mood swings. Bipolar II disorder is similar to Bipolar I with moods in a constant cycle from high to low. Depression is a common but serious illness; it interferes with a person’s daily life, causing pain to both the person with the disorder and the people around them. With there being so many different types of mood disorders, how do you recognize them? Bipolar I disorder is not the same as regular up and down moods people go through, it is much more serious than that. The disorder can be caused by a person’s genes (meaning the disorder runs in the family), abnormal brain structure, or abnormal brain functions. However, the causes of Bipolar I disorder are not always clear; the disorder can be caused because of a…

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