Differences Between Kantian Principles And Utilitarian Principles

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The “respect for persons” principle that is explained by Onora O’Neill involving Kantians and their beliefs is very interesting. They seem to believe that everyone should respect themselves, as well as others. “Human life is valuable because humans are the bearers of rational life. Humans are able to choose and to plan” (O’Neill, 1986). So putting this into terms of the policies and practices of an organization is a little difficult. Respect for persons is ultimately valuing everyone, and not making someone else happy for your decision, but making yourself happy with the decision of your own.
There are some big differences between Kantian principles and Utilitarian’s principles. It seems to me that with the Kantians principles, everything is up to the choice of the individual and that they make the decisions for themselves. With utilitarism, others are making choices for you. It’s like the difference between leaders; who are like Kantians, and managers, who are like Utilitarian’s. Leaders go about situations by showing others what should be done, so the choices are not being made for you and are up to yourself to make for your own path. With managers, they seem to always be making choices for others to get them to do whatever task needs to be done, even without input from the person needing to do the work. So with knowing the differences, being in a business, social club, or public service agency, I would much rather follow a Kantian. I remember when I was working on my…

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