Essay on Dialogue

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Lau Lik Jiun ( Mother, 45 years old )
Ong Wei Yue ( Elder Sister, 20 years old )
Ho Su Xin ( Younger Sister, 14 years old )

M(In The Office): Hello, erm…. Who are you ? What ! (shocked, slowly become angry ) Okay, I know , so sorry about that.
M (Back home) : Su Xin ! (Angry) Quickly come out !
YS: What !?
M: I received a phone call from your school today. It’s your form teacher. She said that you had not been school for a week ! Where you had been !?
YS: (silent…)
M: You better tell me now !
ES ( Came out from the room) : What’s happening here ? Mom?
M: Your sister played truant for a week ! Can you actually believe that?!
ES: Su Xin, you really did not go to school?
YS : YES! So what’s the problem!
M: I earned money for
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Mom needs to play the two roles as a father and a mother. It’s impossible for her to play these two important roles at the same time . It’s not so easy , we should be a sensible child and do not let her to worry about us.
YS: She shouted at me just now! She doesn’t love me !
ES: Mom loves you and me the most in the world ! It’s because she loves you, so she are worrying about you . That’s why she was shouting at you just now.
YS : But………
ES : No but. We are family , when something’s happened, all we need is to sit down and solve problems together.
YS: But I really don’t know how to communicate with her anymore.
ES: Su Xin, she’s your mom. What you need to do is just to sit down and talk with her calmly.
YS: Okay, I will try. ( still sitting on the bed)
ES: Hey , what are you waiting for? Go out and apologise to mom.
YS: OK! ( go out to find mom)
YS: Mom, I’m so sorry…
M: It’s okay. I’m the one to say sorry to you.. I’m so sorry that I had been working for all the days and now I only realized that I have neglected you two.
YS: No, I’m really sorry that I always did wrong things and makes you feel sad and disappointed.
M: Nevermind, just promise me you will not do something like this again.
YS: Yes, I promised you !
M: I will also promised to spent more time with you two and listen to both of you.
ES,YS : Hurray ! YEssssss!!!! ( happy)
M: Wei Yue, how you have been in university these days?? Is it okay?
ES: Yes, everything’s fine. Don’t worry, I

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