Despicable Me Movie Review Essay

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Aglibot, Dianne A.
Math 100
October 14, 2010

Film Review: Despicable Me

As a fan of Pixar’s genius, I really sought out to see this movie as soon as it came out. But before that, I exhausted all of the film’s hilarious and engaging theatrical trailers. I also went out of my way to read a couple of the movie’s review. It might not have garnered not-so-good ratings but the plot, the cast, and also a bit because of the music all made me finally decide to go check it out. No one out there would think that being a super villain is hard. Especially when he has thousands of yellow globular minions who are perpetually loyal and ready to help him achieve his next evil plot. All he needs is his freeze ray gun, a pet that
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First, he finds out that it’s Vector, another super villain that has a lot going for him than it appears and is also a bit of an idiot, who stole his pyramid is now also vying out for the moon. Then the Bank of Evil declined him, and finally there was the addition of three adorable orphans. He ends up ‘adopting’ these kids as part of his plan to take down Vector and get the shrink ray gun. Margo, Edith, and Agnes are old-school Annie orphans, plucky and brave, three cookie-selling, Swan Lake-dancing gems who alternately like violence and unicorns. They slowly go about melting Gru's heart even when he'd rather skip the bedtime stories and let them walk to ballet class. And in between Gru’s gleeful hi-jinks and his (somewhat) evil plan, they just may be the ones that teach him that some things are more important than the moon, and that most of those things are available on Earth. It’s through these charming and innocent kids who Gru has learned to love that the audience is shown just how important family is than most things that occupy each one of us.

The cast of the film has got to be the bigger reason why I watched Despicable Me more than the plot. Steve Carell just established himself a true comedy artist as he voiced Gru in a funny constricted German accent. The rest of the cast did an excellent job as well like Russell Brand, Jason Segel, Will Arnett, and of course, Julie Andrews. The orphans were voiced amusingly as well by real kids. The animation is

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