Essay on Design And Management Of Accurate Processes

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Process Design

The design and management of accurate processes are the foundation to any operation. Effective process design is the basis for all successful operations management practices; therefore it is important to fully understand it.

What is Process Design?
Process design involves understanding the characteristics of the product to determine the appropriate manufacturing techniques; it “translates product design into the technical knowledge, organizational capabilities and operating processes needed to create the product” (Pisano, 1997)

A process is normally designed around 2 major factors of what needs to be delivered.
1. Volume – this could be high or low
2. Variety – this could be small or large

Objectives of Process Design
Process is designed to make sure that the performance of the process is adequate for the outcome it is trying to achieve.

Operational objectives are directly translated to process design objectives, as it is the process that shall determine if the major objectives can or will be achieved.
(Paton, Clegg, Hsuan, & Pilkinton, 2011)

Major operational objectives are as follows:
• Quality
• Speed
• Dependability
• Flexibility
• Cost

Quality as a Process design objective
Quality as a process design objective will include details such as appropriate resources and materials capable of achieving the desired specification of a product or service that is being offered. Also a process shall be designed in a way that it is error free.


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