Essay on Democracy Of The European Union

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Legitimacy in democracy is what defines the democracy of any institution also insufficient level of democracy in political institutions comparing standards of democracy in democratic government can be termed as democratic deficit. The democratic deficit depicts the underdevelopment of key democratic institutions it also shows the procedures under which these institutions fail in discharge of their duties these characteristics include lack of transparency and accountability, decision making that does not involve everyone and the usual issue of blocking citizens from participation in the policy making. In relation to the European Union , David Marquand (1979) argue that the European Parliament had the issue of democratic deficit as the citizens of Europe did not directly elect it, further more in relation to the European Union this deficit is seen as the lack of presentation to the ordinary citizen and lack of accountability of European Union institution.
Democracy can be viewed in the following perspective; its requires citizens to be able to understand themselves as exercising their own law through the necessary representatives, it also invoke the public control in the sense that the citizens should be able to control the administration through the laws made and political equity where every citizen should enjoy political democracy without his rights being infringed.
Every democratic institution cannot be absolute clean so it must have some challenges; for the case of…

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