Defense Of Marriage Act : Sabina Exy Essay

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Defense of Marriage Act
Sabina Exy
Palm Beach State College

The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of the Defense of Marriage Act set in 1996. It explains why Congress felt the need to pass this act into law. this act was passed and the problems that came along with it. You are writing this paper to analyze the Defense of Marriage Act, to determine the public need, to analyze the solution, to determine what challenges your Act faced and to analyze the effectiveness of the policy. Keywords: Defense of marriage act, DOMA, same sex marriage,

Public Need
There has always been a problem with separating church from state. And even though Congressmen should separate their beliefs from what the American body really needs, they allow their beliefs to cloud their judgment. In a country where more gay men and lesbian women are progressing with expressing and being comfortable with their true sexuality, of course, it is only natural that they too would like to progress with civil rights like a permanent union such as a marriage. Not only would they like the status of being married, but they want the same benefits as a heterosexual couple, and just plain be treated fairly as everyone else. Now, with any country, the topic of homosexuality is a difficult matter to address. We have the more conservatives, who believe that marriages should strictly be held between a man and a woman. And on the other side,…

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