Death Of The Time By Ruth Ozeki Essay

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A side effect of living is death…a side effect of being human is caring about it. It’s no surprise that death plagues the minds of humanity. Turning on the TV, opening up a magazine, or reading a book there’s constant talk of police brutality, bombings of other countries, first world disasters, terrorist attacks, murders, and suicides. However, if there was no talk about death, then how would people’s eyes be open to the impact and importance of the deaths surrounding them? The novel A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki tackles these issues. In fact, a vital and recurring theme in the novel is Death/Suicide. Throughout the novel the theme is expressed differently through three characters who struggle with the weight and gravity of the subject in each of their own ways.
No one should be thinking of ending their life at the age of sixteen. Writing in her diary at Fifi’s Lonely Apron, the reader discovers that this is exactly what sixteen year old Nao intends to do. Trying to preserve not only her own memories, but the memories of her 104 year old great Zen Buddha nun grandmother, Nao write’s in a disguised diary to do just that before she ends her life. In her diary, the reader discovers that Nao has not had the easiest life. Moving from Sunnyvale, California to Tokyo Nao finds herself transported into a whole new environment in which she feels alone and cut off. All of her friends back in California have deemed her unworthy, and thanks to her Americanization and poverty…

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