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Industry & Competitor Analysis
BUS 630 – Spring 2008
Instructor: Email: Office Hrs: Course page: Russell Coff (www.bus.emory.edu/rcoff/) Russ_Coff@bus.emory.edu by appointment www.bus.emory.edu/rcoff/Bus630.html Phone: (404) 727-0526 FAX: (404) 727-6313
Revised 1/22/08

Course Overview and Objectives This course delves deeper into some strategy topics that you may have only touched upon earlier related to how firms gain a competitive advantage over rivals. In addition, since ICA tends to integrate quantitative and qualitative analysis more than other courses, you will have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills you've gained across the curriculum (e.g., from finance, ISOM, Marketing, O&M, and Strategy). Building Competitive
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The purpose is not to inflict new theory or new buzzwords but to make you use what you know to address business problems. Pedagogically, this course is case-based and relies extensively on learning through groups. Groups help you cope with the workload and develop more rigorous analyses. Who should take this course? This course is valuable for those who aspire to formulate and evaluate business strategy. This objective may fit well for those who seek careers in consulting, entrepreneurship, general management, and investment banking (among others). Evaluation Students will be evaluated based on both their individual and group participation. This includes group case writeups, presentations, and discussion leadership, as well as individual participation in class discussion and a case-based final exam. The de-emphasis of lecture puts added pressure on you to come to class prepared – hence the heavy focus on group and individual preparation and participation.

Assignments Summary Group: 6 Written case analyses (ppt) 40% Group Assignments. Coordination is a major part 30%

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