Essay about Damage Of The Oceans : Marine Pollution

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Damage to the Oceans: Marine Pollution
The oceans and its wildlife are suffering from irreversible harms. The spreading of harmful materials such as oil, plastic, industrial and agricultural waste into the ocean can damage marine life and even effect people. Pollution comes from many sources such as manufacturing, litter, and even sewage. If we do not make changes quickly then we will suffer from permanent damages to Earth’s largest bodies of water and wildlife.
Domestic sewage often finds its way into the oceans, often time through direct drainages. Domestic sewage is made up of drainage that comes from our sinks, laundry, baths and other home water surplus. This unsafe water waste contains a wide variety of harmful impurities. Debris related to sewage have the highest cost related with its occurrence. Environmental clean-up is very costly to taxpayers. Another source of domestic sewage is sewer overflow. When waste surpasses the sewage system 's limits sewage is diverted into streams, rivers and the ocean, through channel pipes. BBC News estimates over 20,000 overflow outlets in the UK alone. This can pollute the waters as well as the beaches. ABC news in Australia reports the accidental discharge of millions of liters of wastewater into Safety Bay, south of Perth (Safety Bay wastewater discharge not expected to have long-term impacts, Water Corporation says) in May of this year and warned the community to stay off the beach. Clean beaches benefit the public, wildlife…

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