Essay on Current Knowledge On The Problem

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Current Knowledge on the Problem
Nowadays, people use fuel as a source of energy which helps them improve their economic well-being and living status. However, its usage has come with a cost because its burning and continued popularity is a major factor contributing to global warming (IPPC). It also has a negative impact on the economy. In its composition, only 565 gigatons out of 2765 of carbon dioxide contained in the fossils is burnt before its negative effects on the globe turn irreversible (McKibben, 2012). In 2011, the rate of emission of carbon dioxide was 36.1 gigatons, and there was a prediction that the figure keeps rising by day (McKibben, 2012). As a result, there will reach a time when the threshold of carbon dioxide emission will pass the maximum limit. At this point, the trend will develop, whereby the state of the world economy will begin to shrink on a yearly basis. Among the reasons that will increase economic depreciation are that economic costs of climate warming will have a higher turnout figure if compared to the economic benefit realized from the use of fossils. In this essay, the present argument claims that the reforms, that are included in economic systems, and house the costs of carbon dioxide omissions in the free market trade of this form of energy, have caused an unequal distribution of environmental costs to the middle class.
The current free market system depends on the anthropocentric that has a claim that humanity is dominant, and it is a…

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