Current And Frequent Acts Of Violence Essay

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An attempt to understand current and frequent acts of violence, one must consider the fact that our nation is at war. Our nation is at war not with an unfamiliar foreign enemy however; but our United States has waged a war among its own citizens. Reflect for a moment the unrelenting violence locally and abroad. What are the common denominators of these attacks? In addition, could it be that society seems to endorse such violent attacks on American soil? In accordance with US history, dating back to the 16th and 17th century, (University of Washington), violence has its roots in politics and “certain” groups. In the village of Salem, Massachusetts, 14 women were accused of witchcraft and were executed. Native Americans were massacre over land disputes in 1711. By 1725, the population of black slaves reaches 75,000 in American colonies. What’s most interesting here is “certain” groups have been the brunt of attacks against them. Aforementioned, Native Americans, African Americans and lets us not be remiss to forget the extermination and genocide murdering of 6 million Jewish people between 1938 &1945 (The History Place) as well as women who, by all accounts have suffered peculiar injustices, unfair treatment and hostility. While a more fair minded, peaceful and educated young generation has evolved, our society’s ability to move forward from past acts of violence and perceived betrayal has eluded the US. Moreover, authors note in their book “Community…

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