Culture, Culture And Culture Essay

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I grew up in eastern part of Nigeria, and my first knowledge of culture as a way of life was being passed to me through the oral tradition as I moved along with parents and relatives. I can remember my interpretation of culture had to do with language, food, dressing and mode of reference. In fact, people’s dress code or language mode easily exposed from which part of location they were from and this made me to associate culture with location and race. I remembered in an occasion my dad told me that people could change their mode of dressing in order to feel belonged to a particular group. I should have learnt that to be accepted in a particular group, I needed to integrate by understanding their culture but I was too proud of my origin that made me to be more ethnocentric.

Thoughtfully, when, I moved to Italy to join my husband, I came in contact with a different knowledge of culture. I was being judged to be ethnocentrism. Drever, (1952 p86) defined ethnocentrism as an exaggerated tendency to think the characteristics of one’s own group or race superior to those of other groups or races. This is true because of the distinction in classification among the tribes in Nigeria. I remembered my first outing, my friend said that I was ethnocentric, I did not even realise that I was creating an impression that my country was the perfect among other countries until the girl left. On more reflection, this event showed a series of faults with my attitude. I should have…

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