Culturally Competent Planning Essay example

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Cultural health beliefs and related behaviors among racial and ethnic minorities are often hidden from mainstream health professionals and may hinder efforts to eliminate health disparities in the United States (Rahill & Rice, 2010). Studies have shown that health problems facing newly arrived Haitian immigrants are not adequately attended to apparently due to cultural health factors that prevents these immigrants from seeking modem health care ((Woart, 1997). For example, there is evidence that Haitians experience substantially higher incidence of some cancers, have low rates of cancer screening, and are often diagnosed at later stage of disease, as compared with other racial and ethnic groups in the United States (Allen, Mars, Tom, & …show more content…
Additional health concerns include sexually transmitted infections. Haitian Americans have been found to have high incidences of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, as well as cancer and tuberculosis (Cook Ross Inc, 2003).
Although there are many high-quality electronic sources of health care information to address the needs of the Haitian community, electronic sources with the capacity to translate to Creole are sparse. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website contains valuable information including risk factors, prevention, and disease management of hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia, all of which as aforementioned, are a concern to this population. Unfortunately, this website does not accommodate for non-English reading Haitians. The U.S. committee for refugees and immigrants website includes a multitude of useful information about sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Unlike the CDC website, the U.S. committee for refugees and immigrants website allows for information to be translated to Haitian Creole.
There are various resources in the South Florida community for the Haitian population. The Center for Haitian Studies, Health, and Human Services, Inc. (CHS) is a duly registered Florida non-profit corporation, which provides health and social services to the underserved populations of Miami-Dade County. In keeping with

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