Cultural Competency And Its Impact On The Patient 's Health And Wellbeing

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As technology advances, people are now able to instantly communicate with people around the world in seconds. Our communities, that were once culturally isolated or being very homogeneous in character, are now becoming more culturally and ethnically diverse. While this change can be beneficial for a society, it can also present a wide variety of challenges that can impede communication and understanding. For nurses, it is especially important that they have cultural competence. Cultural competence is best described as “the integration ok knowledge, attitudes, and skills that enhance cross-cultural communication and appropriate interactions with others” (Black, 346). If there is a failure to have cultural competency then that can lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding and mistrust which could be detrimental to the patient’s health and wellbeing. I interviewed Nelia Floyd, who is one of my classmates at the University of North Dakota. Nelia was born and raised in La Ceiba, a city in northern Honduras, where the majority of her family still resides. She and her husband and their one child recently moved to the United States when her husband was transferred from a base in Honduras to the Grand Forks Air Force Base. She is 34 years old and is currently pursuing a Spanish and Education degree. This paper will explore the diverse culture of Honduras, and Nelia’s own experiences and perspective on cultural traditions, structure and practices such as family structure,…

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