Cruise Tourism : Cruise Destinations Essay examples

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The type of tourist that I am going to write about is cruise tourist. Having a vacation on a cruise is rather affordable. Cruise tourism nowadays has been an alternate choice for tourists to reach their desired destination. Compare to airlines, tourists would prefer to choose cruises. This is due to the variety of entertainments such as casinos, pools and shows. Tourists would definitely like to spend their time and money on a cruise over an airline. In terms of cruises, different cruises offer different types of services. For instance, luxury cruises offer high style luxury with emphasis on destinations and ship-broad amenities. Moreover, cruises offer packages that include an element of inclusive services and facilities such as meals, entertainment, and leisure activities. They also offer standard accommodation where tourists can relax after they spend their time on the cruise and the destination, Due to the popularity of the cruise industry in the tourism market, it does motivate tourists to reach the destination by a cruise over airlines. The cruise tourism is growing rapidly nowadays. It has now the fastest growing and most profitable segment in the tourism market. In addition, more and more countries have developed their own cruise lines in order to enter the market. The market is still expanding now and it really does catch tourist’s attention. Every year, new ships enter into service, offering innovative activities and facilities, such as ice-skating(United nations…

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