Critical Period Plasticity Vs Plasticity Throughout Life Essay examples

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Critical period plasticity vs Plasticity throughout life In neuroscience they mention that there is two types of plasticity during our lifetime, critical period plasticity being the first during our postnatal development, then comes plasticity. Critical period plasticity is a particular time frame in which the brain development is sensitive to a certain experience such as vision, and once the critical period ends there is no more plasticity occurring (Kolb and Whishaw, 270). On the contrary plasticity is also important for us because it can fix and enhance neuronal connection, especially when an individual has damage such as paralysis, amblyopia and many more, through training they can regain their body function. So which is better critical period plasticity or plasticity throughout our lives? During postnatal development GABA receptors have depolarizing response, but when we get older that depolarizing responses changes into a hyperpolarizing response. Research was conducted by Gabriele and her colleagues where they wanted to see what is causing GABA to have a depolarization response, and what will happen to the critical period of the visual cortex when GABA is inhibited during the postnatal development. First of all on the neurons they found a co-transporter called NKCC1 (Na+, K+, 2Cl-) which causes an intracellular increase of Cl-, and when GABAA receptor opens it causes depolarization due to the Cl- efflux.. The researchers went on to see what will happen to the…

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