Critical Importance Of Retrieval For Learning Essay

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The article I have chosen is titled, “The Critical Importance of Retrieval for Learning,” with the study conducted and written by, Jeffrey D. Karpicke and Henry L. Roediger III. It has been said that learning is considered complete if a student can provide the correct answer to a question. The basic idea of the experiment was to have students learn foreign vocabulary words through the process of repeated study-test trials. The goals of their conducted study were one, to examine the long-standing assumptions tied to the results of repeated studying and testing and their effects on learning. Second was to examine their test students’ assessments of their own learning. And the final purpose of their experiment was to address the issue in learning and memory, concerned with the speed of which something is learned, and how fast the learned information can be forgotten. Overall the general idea is to demonstrate the critical role that retrieval practice plays in consolidated learning, and to furthermore show that even college students, not just high school and grade school, are unaware of its vital role. In their study, students were given forty foreign vocabulary words during a “study period.” Once the period was over, the students were put through a testing period to see what they had learned. After this, the study repeats itself going between a study period and a testing period. In the experiment the researchers had the standard condition, which is consistently going through…

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