Essay on Crisis Management Communication Plan

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Crisis Management Communication Plan
Katherina Fabi
February 4, 2014
Djuanique N. Slaughter, MPA, RHIT

Crisis Management Communication Plan Crisis is defined as an unexpected, sudden turn of events or set of circumstances requiring an immediate human response. The word crisis comes from the Greek root word krisis, meaning “turning point.” There are different types of crisis: developmental, situational, and adventitious crisis. In health care settings, most crises are situational. For example, while working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a client who was awake and alert two hours ago, suddenly became unresponsive. The client was assessed for responsiveness. The client was not breathing and pulseless. Immediately,
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The EMT is doing the compression and needs to switch role after two minutes with the primary nurse. Meanwhile, the House Supervisor notified the family and physician of the client to inform them of the condition of the client. The family is on their way. The client was resuscitated, and he is connected to the respirator. The son and his wife arrived first. He appeared confuse and speechless when he first laid eyes on his father. He didn’t know what to do or who to call. He asked why he was called first and not his sister who handles their father’s affairs. The primary nurse explained to the son that his father named him the designated spokesperson in case of emergency. He was the contact person. The son was relieved and understands. He calls his sister and she is on her way. To help reduce stress during a crisis, provide information. Each family member’s health and well being is affected by the communications and actions of the health care team during a hospitalization (Davidson, 2009). In a stressful situation, most people hear only a fraction of what has been said. Repeat information and direction more than once. A calm approach can help clients and family relax in a stressful situation. Allow time to answer question. In this case, the son was provided information regarding what lead to his father’s condition now. The information was repeated several times when the sister arrived with her husband and uncle, the client’s

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