Crimes Of Crime And Crime Essay

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Crimes happen every day, all across the world, and many different types of people commit crimes. For a crime to be committed, in the eyes of the law, the person must have a mens rea, the intent on doing said crime, and an actus reus, which is actually committing the crime itself (“Mens Rea”, para. 2). If the person is missing either of those two elements, they have not actually perpetrated a crime. It is not uncommon for people to think about doing a crime, whether it is a thought about hurting someone who wronged them to thinking about doing something illegal to obtain more goods or money. However, just thinking about doing those types of things does not make a person a criminal because no actual crime has been performed. There are also cases, which, albeit, are less common, that have no mens rea. There are cases, such as manslaughter, where a crime was committed, but the person who performed it had no intention of hurting someone else. There are also cases where the person who commits the crime is not in the right state of mind to form a mens rea. People who are mentally retarded or mentally ill that have a psychotic episode that makes them insane at the time that they are carrying out the crime do not have the ability to form that mens rea. Despite the fact that these people were insane at the time of the crime, which was determined legally, they are sometimes still convicted and even given the death penalty. Not only is convicting someone who does not have the ability to…

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