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Criminal Law Paper
Jasmine Lee
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June 18 2012
Eric Winch

Criminal Law Paper In 1982 a man by the name of Fernando Belmonte’s was convicted for murder of a nineteen year old female. In the case of this murder he was ultimately sentenced to death and he is now fighting for his life. The highlighted portion of this story is the actual incident itself. Belmont has been convicted and thought of as a monster from the case and its evidence was overwhelming. Belmont broke into the home of Stacy McConnell. His motive was robbery. He ended up hitting McConnell with a barbell and brutally murdered her. The object he stole from the home was a stereo. The value of the stereo was $100.00 dollars. McConnell lost her life for a
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The sources, purposes, and jurisdictions of the criminal law related to this case vary. The sources from this case are from newspaper reports. The purposes of the case and article are to show how our courts fight to overturn the case of death penalties and how our system lacks to carry out the actual death penalty. The jurisdiction that relates to the case lies between the 9th circuit and California prosecution. Between the 9th circuit and the California prosecution the court battles have ran into countless hours of negotiations and laws.

In this case there was no accomplice liability since Belmonte’s acted alone. The criminal liability was the overwhelming evidence that lead the police to his convictions. Belmonte’s has already had a jury decide upon a guilty verdict because of his reasoning for the crime and his possible psychological upbringing as a child. As a child he was put through many different traumas as a child and Belmonte’s failed to bring this matter to the courts attention.

He may have had a possible motive or reasoning ion his mind and the jury may have put the death sentence in a different perspective due to his psychological problems as a child. The jury may have seen it had an effect on him and his reasoning skills.

In Belmonte’s case he faced Mens Rea because the prosecutors felt he had some sort of guilty knowledge or willfulness to commit the crime. Mens rea, was Belmonte’s personal awareness of the

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