Essay on Crime And Justice, And Media

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Crime and justice, and media both have a major influence on each other. Contrary to what many people believe, crime has actually decreased within the last two decades. Television, newspapers, and online news articles get the most attention when they cover a story about crime, and this is why crime is perceived as a higher rate than it actually is. Research indicates that the majority of public knowledge about crime and justice is derived from the media (Surette, 1998), even though the reports are usually dramatic and unconfirmed. TV news stations bring about the worst in criminal cases, which leads to the public labeling and stereotyping people, while the police is out sometimes doing criminal actions themselves.
Big felonies and violent crimes are what the public responds to the most, such as murder, sexual crimes, and interpersonal jealousy or revenge crimes. People love to watch these types of crimes on the news and watch TV shows about crime and are fascinated by the conflict of good verses evil. I think the reason people like watching and learning about crime is because it plays on our fear. Most people are anxious and wonder if these big crimes could ever happen to them, but when it happens to someone else, it sort of becomes entertainment. The news and media create a kind of moral panic among the public, where the news has over exaggerated the story and in response, it creates an over-reaction in society. The killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri created a…

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