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Consensual Relationship Agreements
Shavonnie J Deans
Dr Sonia Heywood
BUS520: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
July 22, 2012

In today’s society, a majority of one’s time is spent inside of the workplace. Due to working so closely with the opposite sex, some may develop interest in others and a relationship is developed. According to Ruth Houston, author of Problems that Consensual Relationship
Agreements Cause, today’s workplace is the new singles bar or place for people to engage into extramarital affairs. These relationships often raise eyebrows, lead to whispers at the water cooler and blank stares in the break room leaving some co-workers in discomfort. In order to protect themselves as
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If for some reason one employee made accusations of sexual harassment, their signature and agreement to the terms of the contract could be used as evidence of voluntary commitment. Consensual relationship agreements can also be beneficial because everything is laid out in black and white for the two involved parties. These contracts ensure that no matter the outcome of the relationship, the employees will continue to remain in compliance with the companies policies. By agreeing to these terms, it should avoid and prevent any tension of animosity between those in the relationship that decided to separate. Both employees will continue to follow the company’s anti-discrimination, anti-harassment and workplace policies.
(Tyler, 2008)
According to the contract the employees must follow the following terms: a) their relationship is voluntary and consensual. b) they agree to abide by the employer’s anti- discrimination, anti-harassment, and workplace polices. c) the promise to report any perceived harassment to management, if it occurs. d) they agree to behave professionally and not to allow the relationship to affect their performance. e) they agree not avoid behavior that offends others in the workplace. f) they agree not to engage in favoritism. (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011) Other reason why organizations could benefit from

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