Counterinsurgency Analysis : ' Hearts And Minds ' Essay

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Counterinsurgency unlike insurgency doesn’t use fear and intimidation, but collects information from the community based on their wants and needs. This again relates to the hierarchy of needs. Being able to be part of a community as a police officer allows the connection of trust between the officer and community. The officer then can use the information given to him by his community and combat insurgency. Winning the “hearts and minds” doesn’t relate to the insurgency, but counterinsurgency does just that. Counterinsurgency brings a community together by counter acting insurgency. When an officer is allowed within a community as a member not as a police officer the trust if given to help. If an officer doesn’t respect the right given to him by the people, and not act on what information is given to him, then his word is no longer his bond. There then is distrust between law enforcement and the community. Allowing the use of counterinsurgency to turn that officer into an insurgent in that neighborhood. It is like taming an animal. If an individual shows respect and a bond of trust is made between the two, then the animal allows the individual to be in its immediate surroundings. If that trust bond is broken and the animal runs or attacks. Officers need to empower the lowest level of the community (Defense, 2009). This is the same basic concept of counterinsurgency.
Counterinsurgency should be applied to law enforcement to help close the gap between policing…

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