Cost Solution : Reducing The Output Of Pollution Essay

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Harrison Showalter
Dr. Shope
English 1102
February 9, 2015
Cost effective Solution to Pollution
The United States has done a great job over the years in reducing the output of pollution. From the series of clean air acts pasted by Congress carbon emissions fell from 197 million tons to 89 million tons in 30 years. Even though the US has one of the most regulated and strictly legislated pollution policies in the world the problem has not been eradicated. Pollution is still a growing problem but not has United States should work to reduce the output of pollution, but contine to do so in an economically positive way, as well as environmentally approachable. Ecosystems continue to be effected and climate change is still present through out the globe. Current and new regulations should be implemented with the environment and the economy in mind. Not a knee jerk reaction that has not been thought out, or have any significant data to support the idea. ( WORK ON THESIS)
One example of getting the cart before the horse is in the dealing with plastic in our oceans. Ever since plastic pollution in the oceans has gained attention at the end of the 90’s, there have been many ideas on how to rid the problem. But all of them involve the use of big ships and large nets that would end up fishing for the trash. Currently a few of these trash “fishing” ships are being built. Not only would the emissions from the ships cancel out the removal of the plastic, but also the vastness of the area…

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