Corporate Citizenship : An Example Of Unethical Behavior Essay

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Corporate citizenship is defined as “the extent to which businesses are socially responsible for meeting legal, ethical, and economic responsibilities placed on them by shareholders” (Investopedia, 2014). The goal of many businesses is to create higher expectations for everyday comforts and personal satisfaction in the communities in which they work, while still protecting the benefits of their stakeholders. There are also companies whose stakeholders take their power to discipline their employees and other companies who do share their values. This is an example of unethical behavior and one should use their power to try to help others of bringing them down.
In the media, we hear a lot of stories about companies that participate in poor corporate citizenship practices. When companies participate in these type of practices, it has a negative effect on the company, its stakeholders, their employees and, family and friends. Majority of stakeholders who find out about the poor practices usually refuse its products or services and will no longer invest in the companies’ stock. When companies behaved in a negative way, it affects everyone that does business with that company.
Individuals that have moral standards are very helpless when unethical behavior is occurring. Every company should have a policy enforced where employees can come and report unethical behavior in the workplace without repercussions. That is not the case, in most companies, usually the person with higher…

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