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Of My Imagination

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Of My Imagination
Friday, 30 January 2015

Swipe and Log: Week 7

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Swipe and Log: Week 7

Type: Television advertisement
This television advertisement was produced in the year 2014 during the World
Cup season. It starred Reuben Kang as the main actor, and main presenter. This television advertisement was successful because of the reasons below:
1. It had a major selling benefit. As stated in this advertisement, by purchasing Sharp's BIG AQUOS TV, viewers can then watch any television shows/programmes clearer and bigger. It
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Not only that, it was relatable for the



Of My Imagination

current situation that was happening back then. Today, the advertisement is watched for entertainment purposes. Therefore, the brand will always be remembered by their audiences.

Sources: (Published date: 5 May 2014)
Posted by Alya A. at 03:51

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Swipe and Log: Week 6

Type: Radio advertisement
This advertisement was once a famous radio advertisement, and still remembered by many Malaysians until today. This advertisement has been very successful because of these reasons below:
1. It kept it simple. Advertisements should not be too draggy, and should have an interesting punch line, or a catchy jingle. This radio advertisement managed to get my attention, and many other listeners' attention as well, by advertising the product in a humorous but yet simple way.
2. It managed to tailor their message to the audiences. As understood, the radio advertisement is trying to advertise about Subway's Chicken
Tandoori sandwich, which was only limited for a certain period of

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