Essay on Coping

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Ashlee Rhodes
Psychology 101- AAH-H1-201430
Toby Bennett
Ivy Tech Community College

Coping is a response to psychological stress (UCLA, n.d). Many things can cause stress: death of a loved one, loss of job, a break up, etc. Most people associate stress with bad situations, but not just bad things can cause stress. Getting a new job, getting a new house, a new relationship, or a new child are some “happy” things that can be stressors (UCLA, n.d). Maladaptive coping mechanisms are ineffective, counterproductive and are often used unconsciously (UCLA,n.d).
Everyone has different coping mechanisms they use with the stress in their lives. Some of these coping mechanisms are: humor, seeking support, problem solving,
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Also, another way I coped with stress when I was younger was seclusion. If I got stressed out or anxious at school, I would seclude myself from others and not speak. Due to that, people assumed I was stuck up or disliked them. I have gotten better and I no longer seclude myself like I did.
When I would get extremely upset, I would hit myself as hard as I could. I did this because I felt like it got some of the frustration out and it distracted me from the actual problem. It wasn’t until I was older, that I learned that this was a form of self-harm.
As I got in my teenage years, I used better coping mechanisms in some ways but I used worse ones in other ways. I would continuously seeking support from friends. If they didn’t answer me, I would continuously text them and would get upset when they wouldn’t answer. I thought I was distracting myself from how I felt by texting them despite not receiving a reply. I just ended up annoying them and blowing up their phones with an unnecessary amount of messages.
I also escalated from just hitting myself with my hands to using heavy objects, for example, a stone incense holder. Occasionally, I would attempt to cut myself but never went through with it. I have stopped doing that but I still want to hit myself when I get really upset or stressed.
This is embarrassing to say, but when I was 14, I would use masturbation as a coping mechanism for stress. It

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