Essay on Computer Interaction And Conversational Systems

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From Data to Design is an article published in the Applied Artificial Intelligence Journal. The article describes two projects that were conducted by researchers who were studying certain aspects of Artificial Intelligence, specifically Human-Computer Interaction and Conversational Systems. The two examples discussed in this paper are the SERA Project and KT. There is also a section covering the methodology researchers use to evaluate the success of an experiment.

The SERA Project
The SERA Project was started as a means to discover more information about Human-Computer interaction. This project used a Nabaztag “internet connected rabbit” to create a “smart home” environment. Similar to the computer from Start Trek, the robot rabbit acted as the mediator between the people in the home and the functions of the “smart home.” The actual goal of the rabbits was not to make coffee, change the thermostat, or turn off the television set, instead the goal of the robots was to encourage exercise in people age 50 and up.

The rabbits had motion sensors which allowed them to speak even when not spoken to. As a person walked by, the rabbit would come alive and possibly assign an exercise regimen. The rabbits could sense other things as well. If a set of house keys was moved, the bots could remind or ask the people about their plans. The rabbits were also capable of recording exercise performed. When one of the home 's…

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