Comparison Between Greek Gods And The Code Of Good Guys Essay

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In a world where all hope is lost and to live to see another day becomes a more challenging decision to make is a world where a father and son must come together and search for the good still left behind in humanity. Through comparison to Greek Gods and the code of good guys, Cormac McCarthy presents the theme of hope in The Road. Hope is what feeds the father and son to see another day. Without hope there is no point in living. With hope, the father and son are able to do the unimaginable and overcome the obstacles that mankind has created for them. Overall McCarthy presents the theory that although there is no hope in the book, it is a book full of hope (“Carrying the Fire” 3). Hope is presented in various ways throughout the novel, many which relate to the meaning behind to carry the fire. Hope is having the ability to trust others and not give people the benefit of the doubt (McAtter 4). Critic Michael Chiariello notes that hope is also the will to live, to live morally, a reward in the afterlife, to belief in fundamental goodness and dignity of human nature, to belief in patience that hope will come bout, and hope may also be presented as a sense of wishful thinking (3,8). When the father and son hope that the ocean would be a new start for them and the constant hoping that things will get better are both examples of wishful thinking in the novel. The son is hope to the father, meaning that the father sees the boy as carrying the fire which represents life. If…

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