Comparing Virtual Organization Versus A Traditional Organization

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Comparing and contrasting a virtual organization versus a traditional organization can include many different aspects. The needs and goals can be closely related, but their intended way of reaching them can be completely opposite. The skills of each group will vary in many different levels, while they will still share the same basic competencies. Each group will also learn how to function and operate on different terms. Their culture will also share the mentality of collectively working together to complete organizational goals, but vary in the aspect of mindset. Overall, each group will have challenges on many different levels. Each will have its advantages to overcoming those challenges, while still having disadvantages in meeting the common goal.
There are similar and different needs and goals in each type of organization. A traditional organization will need to have a common purpose, just like a virtual organization. Each group will need to decide what their main goals are together and what the best course of action is to complete this goal. They have the same needs to be part of a team and collaborate on the steps it takes to reach that goal. This codependent need to be part of a team might be stronger for those in a traditional setting. In contrasting their needs and goals, each type of organization will have a different need in their communications strategy for projects and day to day operations. Those that work in a more traditional setting will have a higher need…

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