Community Assessment Assignment : The Fresno / Clovis Area Essay

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After growing up here in the Fresno/Clovis area for about ten years already, I have come to realize and that this city is not for me. My family moved to this part of California for ministry purposes. Therefore, as a young ten year old girl, I did not have a choice on whether or not I could have stayed where we were from which was in Southern California. Recently, I have had a stronger love for my hometown, Long Beach California. I have many family members all over Southern California, however, my maternal side of my family mostly reside in Long Beach. My hope now is that after I graduate from Fresno Pacific University (FPU), I can then move and relocate myself back to Long Beach where I may begin to work and potentially start my graduate work there. With wanting to move back to Long Beach, I have decided to do further research in this city for this community assessment assignment. This assignment will look into the various educational percentage within this city and the percentage for people with disabilities.
The city of Long Beach, California has been a rapidly growing city in Southern California for quite some years. The United States Census Bureau indicates that this city has a population of 462,257 has of the year 2010. Long Beach is one of the largest cities in Southern California today. With its beautiful weather and diverse population, Long Beach is becoming one of the cities many people are wanting to visit more often and potentially move.
The average age in this…

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