Communication Theory Essay

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Knowing the proper communication process is important so that people will understand, from the beginning, the message the sender is communicating to the receiver. “Communication provides the ability for an individual to express feelings and emotions and understand others perceptions.” (de Pre, 2005) Communication is the way people share information, thoughts, and ideas. This can be done in many ways through verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication is through speaking, while nonverbal communication can be anything from written to body language. People must learn the time and place to use each of their communicating skills as well as whether they need to be personal or professional. The communication process has six …show more content…
In my team I was usually the lead so we would sit down together and go over our work book. We would discuss the things we need for our shift and determine which one of us would get what. We would then discuss which role each of us would play for each project that day, we usually had two to three projects to tackle a day. We would plan our best course of action to get us through the day quickly and effectively. After this was completed we would set off on our first task.
Communication was a big part of our day and when communication broke down our work would suffer from it. Everything needed to be done correctly and on time, if we did not communicate and work well together this would not have been possible. Most of the time their was good communication between my team member and I, other times my team mate would not want to openly communicate or listen to what I had to share with them. When this sort of issue arose we usually went off into different directions and worked on things our own way, this only lead to our work not being done properly so we were either forced to do it again or we were written up for it.
I think the best thing to do when there is a break down in communication, it would be best to find out why there is an issue. Solving this issue would then lead to the communication lines being open, and would make for a more enjoyable work experience. Sometimes if

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