Communication, Seating And Time Is All A Part Of Communication

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Settings, seating and time is all a part of communication this affects the way a person’s behaves and able to respond and hear. In addition if a setting was set in a very noisy environment this will cause barrier to communication as they may not understand what has been said and find it very difficult to understand the situation. However they may not be able to understand the person very clearly and may misinterpret their use of language this may cause conflicts. Timing can also be a cause of effecting barriers to communication for example if you turn up late to a class for the first half of the lesson you may have missed out on important information that that may have been useful and valuable to you. Seating can also be a barrier to communication because if you are in a small class room full of people you will feel distracted and feel as though your personal space is being invaded by other people which will make you feel very uncomfortable. This will cause distractions within the environment.
In addition there are many strategies to overcome these problems to communication. Setting is very important when it comes to communication it should be set in a calm and peaceful environment this will help the individual to understand what has been interpreted and the use of language will be very clear this will stop any conflicts within the group of people. In addition you should always be prepared and organised before you come in class and make sure you leave early just to be on…

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