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Communication Opinion Paper
Pablo Garcia
Monday, May 9, 2016.
University of Phoenix

Communication Opinion
Having a healthy communication between employees and customers or patients is important in every Industry around the Globe. In healthcare, this fact is even more important since a simple mistake could cause someone their life. It is crucial that both patients and employees communicate in a practical matter to get the message across and assure that everything is followed without any mistakes.
Effective communication is much more needed in healthcare, any communication with the patients or between coworkers needs to be specific and direct, making sure that the message is received and understood is crucial. In general, we
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One must also take into consideration the mental state of the person when seeking authorization for treatment. In healthcare nonverbal communication takes a bigger part and is at times even more important. It is important to be able to relate to the cultural level of the person to whom the message is being directed to, if more complex words are used they might not understand what is being said. Active Listening is a most in any communication even more in health care; caregivers need to know and pay attention to all details. Patients are very often not in their best situation mentally or physically and if not extreme methods are taken to get the right message and transmit the correct information it could cause someone their life. The hardest thing for anyone in healthcare is delivering bad news to a patient or a family member, when doing so the message gave to be clear and direct and be companionate but never differ from the truth no matter how difficult it could be.
Since in healthcare often the person that needs the care is having perhaps the worst day of their life, family members at times are going through the same thing. Both patients and family members could get carried away and mistreat the person they are communicating with, in these situations is where the patience of the caregiver is tested, and it must be excellent. Listening to the person transmitting the

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