Essay on Communication Is All About Listening

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Communication is all about listening, as Em Griffin points out what people should be focused on, “I realize how much my relationship with other people depends on picking up what they’re trying to communicate. I want to hear them out without jumping to preset conclusions” (Griffin, 1987, p. 101). Key to communication is listening first, followed by communicating verbally back. When communication becomes all about talking and not listening, there will be a break in relationship due to selfishness. But the listener should seek to avoid jumping to the preset conclusions that society pushes, as with symbolic interactionism, and listening with an open and active ear.
Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal communication is a very effective way of telling others how one feels. Again, Griffin helps here, “Nonverbal communication includes all the nonlinguistic things a person does to which others ascribe meaning. Nonverbal signals are particularly effective in communicating feelings towards others” (Griffin, 1987, pp. 114-115). Humans seems to realize this but do not care as much about controlling these signals at times as they are with what they say. Nonverbal communication should be looked at just as much when analyzing others as well as us. Crossing one’s arms for example shows that one is defensive or unfriendly, so it should be avoided if in a job interview, and could be immediately viewed as defiance to authority by the interviewer.
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