Essay on Communication : Chaos Or Success?

1321 Words Nov 22nd, 2014 6 Pages
Communication – Chaos or Success? Communication occurs all around us. There are many forms, some direct such as spoken words or notes, and some not so direct, such as body language and posturing. Communication affects outcomes and our everyday lives. Whether it is the traffic signal letting a driver know to proceed or a child letting a parent know they are hungry. Communication allows us to meet people’s needs and request help. Without communication chaos can ensue. Chaos can also ensue when communication is not done correctly. For instance the traffic light that malfunctions and does not provide the correct signals can lead to accidents and other hazards. The baby that is sick has their cries misinterpreted as hunger and treatment is delayed. These types of miscommunications and misinterpretations all lead to undesirable situations. Effective communication is a skill that can save time, money and lives. It is a skill that allows for effective outcomes through the transfer of information between a sender and receiver. In order for the desired outcome to take place the receiver needs to understand the transfer of information. For this to occur the sender must provide the information in such a way that the receiver correctly interprets. This two-way street of information is very similar to a computer, on the internet. The computer requests information from a website, if the request is successful the site is reached and the information transferred. This…

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