Common Core Standards Within The Schools Essay

970 Words Nov 16th, 2014 4 Pages
While most people are aware of common core, there is confusion as to what it is and how it will help our children in school. The idea of common core state standards were considered in 2007 during a forum by CCSSO (Development Process). In 2009, the government started to offer financial incentives to states to sign up for the common core standards. The grant known as Race to the top got 49 states and territories to sign up for the standards sight unseen (Wood). By 2010, the final draft was done and common core began to be implemented into the schools. Now in 2014, 43 states still follow common core standards (Development process). While there were high hope around common core, it has proven to be a failure. There is and will continue to be problems circling around common core as there are no clear boundaries of what is being expected of our youth. There is a plethora of supporters for common core. Their focus remains on how well common core will benefit our youth. They state that even though untested before implemented, it will get our youth ready for college. Furthermore, they claim that it provides the skills needed for a more complex thinking strategy and the ability to work as a team player (Karas). Additionally, they protest that because standards are bench- marked it will be easier to raise our national average by comparing it internationally . Finally, they claim that it will lower costs for testing, scoring and reporting over all…

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