College Thinking : How College Is A Subversive Institution Essay

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In “The Difference between High School and College” a part of the book “College Thinking: How to Get the Best out of College, the author Jack Meiland talks about how college is a subversive institution ,and how many students will go home and create arguments with their parents over the way they live because college changed their views on society.
His first point he believes that “In senior high school as continuation of elementary and junior high school in this respect”(104) that means in high school you learn the same things that you in elementary and middle school and high school. You just will learn the same information just into much deeper detail and harder problems that make you mind work harder. In college you are given theories or opinions on how something is said so you have to think and give your own opinions on how you see the subject. Another point he talks about many students believe that the transaction between junior high and high school is the same thing as high school to college. It is close to the same because many take around the same classes as they did in senior year of high school just a tad harder and by a different teacher.
When he talk about “New Types of Intellectual Work”(105) many college teachers show some information ,but many of them try to spark debates and examining other opinions about the subjects. Another way of new thinking is in high school what the teachers says in one-hundred percent true. None of the facts are controversial to…

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