Collaborative Learning And Critical Thinking Essay

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Collaborative Learning Enhance Critical Thinking
Sumayyah Hadadi
University of St. Thomas

Collaborative learning is a method that I had been putting into practice in my early work. My topic in this study is about collaborative learning to enhance critical thinking in students. I will study the importance of collaborative learning, how cooperative learning provides quality education to all students, and helps them to think critically. My topic is important because I had parents who did not believe in collaborative learning and complained about using this method in the classroom. At the present time, cooperative learning is a powerful tool that provides a meaningful experience for students. This style of teaching encourages discussion and experience sharing between students, and as a result, students are provided a different perspective about specific subjects and topics for assignments. This frame of teamwork helps students practice learning how to work together on a small scale and it prepares them for their future roles as college students and professionals. My research question is does collaborative learning enhance critical thinking in students.
Literature Review
The researcher utilized the effectiveness of teaching thinking skills explicitly to 11and 12-year olds by infusing thinking skills into the course of study. The effectiveness of the intervention was evaluated with a combination of standardized and study-specific pre- and post-tests.…

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