Coin Laundromat Opportunity For A Business Opportunity Essay

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Coin Laundromat Opportunity A good business opportunity is one that is viable because it offers opportunity for growth. Viable opportunities address a need in the market. In fact, customers often enjoy the use of technology, products, and services that seek to cater for the need in the market (Business, 2010).
The business opportunity for a coin Laundromat is an ideal one because it will go a long way to fill the market demand. A coin Laundromat is a mark used by a commercial establishment that makes use of coin-operated dryers and washing machines and is run through self-service. As such, the paper seeks to develop an organizational plan that shows the firm’s structure, chart, evaluation schemes, measurement, planning, rewards, selection criteria, and training for purposes of enhancing the success of the business venture.
Organizational structure including an organizational chart The coin Laundromat business will take the structure of a company. The company structure will make use of the flat organizational structure. In the early stages of a business, the flat organizational structure is the most efficient because its chain of command is short enhancing quick decision making (Nuttal, 2004). The flat structure has a wide span of control thereby making it possible for all the subordinates to report to the manager without unnecessary bureaucracies. Given that the coin Laundromat is operated as a self-service it is unnecessary to have a tall hierarchy as this…

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