Essay on Coca Cola And The Largest Distribution System

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Coca-Cola Company is one of the best selling beverages companies in the world and it has extended the business worldwide. Is an American manufacturing corporation taking care of the marketing manufacture and retailing of non – alcoholic beverage and syrup product throughout the world. Coca-Cola Company serves more than 200 countries with over 500 brands. Also produce more than 3000 beverage product. Coca Cola has the largest distribution system in the world. That gives them the ability at Coca-Cola Companies to serve more than 1 billion of it product to customers every day. Was established by a pharmacist named ‘John Stith Pemberton’ in 1886 in Columbus and their main headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. John Stith is the owner of the largest 5 non – alcoholic sparkling brands worldwide which are: Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanda. Coca Cola employees are more than 700,000 in the world. In Grate Britain Coca Cola is responsible for 22 brands and they have around 40 people at the headquarters in central London. In UK they have 6 manufacturing sites and the employee’s in Grate Britain are 4000. At the next paragraph we are going to identify and evaluate the current ethics practices of Coca Cola Company and how, why these practices arose. All new organizations to succeed on the market they have to create their own…

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